What are the factors that affect the price of IT support?

Like almost anything, IT support costs need to be calculated based on the menu options that are chosen in order to fit the business requirements. In that sense, many organisations might seem like they’d pay the same price, but because they’re getting different meal deals, their costs are different.

Cost of IT Support
How many employees

How many users do you have and what devices do they use?

How many employees are needing to be supported? 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, more? Generally speaking, the more employees you have, the less you will pay per user.

What kind of infrastructure do you have?

The age and type of infrastructure that you need to support will also often affect your costs. Do you have on-premise servers (private cloud), or hybrid cloud? Or are you fully in the public cloud? Do you have a traditional PBX telephone system with handsets, or are do you have cloud calling and softphones? Ageing systems or onsite infrastructure need onsite support, whereas if you’re fully in the cloud, the majority of support can be remotely performed.

Office Infrastructure
It Services

What types of services do you need?

Communications, infrastructure, migrations, security, monitoring, training, change management. It all depends on what your business needs and uses. You might not need everything covered, or you might need all of it.

What level of support do you need?

Some organisations have partial in-house IT, or at least, someone that can perform certain tasks, whereas others have no one in-house that can be the go-to IT resource. Partial coverage, or full coverage can be part of that assessment for your quote. In addition, the time you need your IT support available is also something to be decided. Do you need office hours only, or 24×7? Will you need onsite support often or is remote support the only kind you will need?


IT Support Costs Calculator

Use our easy IT support costs calculator to see how much managed IT support will cost (and SAVE!) your business.