Get the right internet service for your business. Choose from our mix of nbn™, Fixed Wireless, 4G/5G and ADSL to create a high-availability Business Internet service.

While it might seem like all ISP’s are the same and offer the same product, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Bespoke Technology works with local and national partners to provide the best level of internet connectivity for your business.

There are several factors that can impact the performance of a network, and we work to ensure our networks are some of the best in Australia. The flexibility of aggregating multiple service types across redundant pathwats provides the highest levels of redundancy whilst maintaining a cost-effective WAN solution.

Proactive Monitoring

For all of our managed Business Internet customers, our tools are continuously monitoring services and alerting our team in the event of any anomalys. 

Multiple Technologies

We deliver internet services through a range of technologies. Fixed Wireless, nbn™, ADSL2+, Ethernet over Copper, Fibre Networks or 4G/5G services. We can tailor a solution that meets your business needs and requirements.

DDoS Protection

Our upstream IP Transit networks are secured by leading firewall providers, cleaning traffic and preventing attacks which mitigate the risk of a service outage.

Network Support

Managed Business Internet customers are fully supported right from the customer hand off through to the network equipment on the customers premises. Our team will continuously monitor and maintain your devices so that your team doesn’t have to.

The Bespoke Technology difference

Cost Effective

Don't break the bank. Our solutions are designed to avoid bill shock at the end of the month.

High Availability

Built in redundancy to ensure your services are constantly accessible when you need them.

Quality Networks

Your connectivity is paramount - which is why we only partner with quality network providers.

Business Continuity

Protect yourself against critical failures with our Business Continuity solutions. 

Benefits of Business Internet

Redundant Paths

Our Business Internet services utilise multiple service types across multiple networks to ensure high-availability services don’t go offline, leaving you in the dark.

Rapid Response to Alerts

Alerts from our network monitoring systems are automatically raised within our service management platform and assigned to the corresponding technician, and your dedicated account manager for immediate action.

Prioritised critical traffic

By prioritising critical and time-sensitive traffic such as VoIP and application data, we enable you to apply separate settings to different types of traffic to suit your needs. 

Here when you need us

Our support team are available from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday AEST. Outside of these hours, our team is available for phone-based emergency support when required.

We’ve worked with Jacob and Sam for over 5 years across all of Headjam’s IT as well as a number of shared clients. Superb work, great communication and a lot of fun to work with. Thanks for everything you do.

Luke Kellett


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