Making sure your data is secure and accessible when you need it most

With cloud governance, your business is able to have a single management platform that can help in keeping all aspects of your business moving forward. Bespoke Technology can ensure your business gets the full benefit of automating the process of managing your cloud environment. With the help of scalable and comprehensive tools, you can streamline your business processes, get transparency, and make sure you are following compliance standards.

Retain complete control while building and scaling applications fast.

Manage and optimise your cloud costs by ensuring your cloud environment suits your business with robust reporting and management features.

Guarantee your company’s critical data is always in compliance with a comprehensive audit trail.

With an approach that is strategic, holistic, and centralised, you can focus on their core competencies and avoid distractions from other areas of the business. 

Security and compliance you can count on 

Cloud computing has revolutionised how businesses conduct their business. It has also created an entirely new set of challenges which have become a part of every company’s responsibilities. It is important for companies to learn how to take advantage of the benefits while minimising the risks that come along with it. Cloud governance is one such way that can be used to minimise risks and take full advantage of cloud technology’s benefits at scale. 

Bespoke Technology’s Azure cloud services combine a platform that allows for quick and easy access to your data with the flexibility to create new users, groups, and roles at any time. This gives you the freedom to determine who can access what while providing granular control over settings such as passwords, data sharing rules, app permissions, etc. We monitor your systems and procedures to ensure full compliance, security, and control in accordance with industry standards. 

Bespoke Technology & Azure: A match made in cloud governance heaven

As a Microsoft partner, Bespoke can offer your business the power of the Azure cloud to guarantee your business top tier cloud infrastructure management by enabling governance for cloud-based projects. With Azure you can establish a governance framework, which includes policies and processes that help you to build a cohesive IT environment in the cloud. The service provides a platform that lets you centrally define, configure, and deploy services across your organization. This way, you can ensure consistent policy enforcement at scale across your business units with granular control over where services are deployed.

Our team of Azure cloud experts will:

Conduct a resource and security assessment to find vulnerabilities and risks.

Mitigate corporate risks with comprehensive challenges and risk tolerance documentation.

Keep your organisation up to date with policies to guarantee control and security.

Review your Azure cloud environment to evaluate your company’s cybersecurity readiness.

Bespoke Technology – The name you can trust to get your business results

Bespoke Technology is a leading managed service provider with a reputation for providing the best IT services in the industry. Our team of experienced technicians are guaranteed to help you improve productivity, enhance agility, and streamline operations across all areas of your business. At Bespoke Technology, we provide customers with cutting-edge solutions that keep up with the pace of change. From cloud computing and office automation to remote management, best practice IT consulting, and cybersecurity, our services are delivered by skilled staff who are focused on giving you the best possible tailor-made solutions.