The ability to work from anywhere, anytime and collaborate with your team and incorporate predictable, subscription based billing is just the start for Microsoft 365 making sense for your business.

The alternative of having a subscription-based service as opposed to paying a one-off license that could really affect the budget with every new release and upgrading each individual user is a game-changer, to say the least.

So instead of mentioning the features and benefits of Microsoft 365 for your business like many others have, below, we’ll mention how we do it for you. A seamless process, where we don’t disrupt your operations during business hours.

Migration & Implementation

Within a couple of hours, our team can have your emails, calendars and entire experience moved into the cloud based solution without the IT hassles. With a professional attitude and strong work ethic, our team will have your systems up and running in no time.


Our support team will train your staff, with our experts on standby. They will be ready to assist your staff with the new migration from the moment you begin to use it. 


We understand there are components that are different online to the software. We can give you a run-down on how Microsoft 365 can be used in your business, along with some tips and tricks to improve your productivity.


Businesses are operating in an era where every application is integrating with almost everything else. Our team are qualified to support businesses in adopting Microsoft 365 to its full capacity.

The Bespoke Technology difference

Cost Effective

Don't break the bank. Our solutions are designed to avoid bill shock at the end of the month.

High Availability

Built in redundancy to ensure your services are constantly accessible when you need them.

Quality Networks

Your connectivity is paramount - which is why we only partner with quality network providers.

Business Continuity

Protect yourself against critical failures with our Business Continuity solutions. 

Benefits of Microsoft 365 for Business

Security at it's core

Bespoke Technology understands the growing and evolving nature of cyber threats, and therefore provides additional security resources to keep you ahead of the cyber curve.

Scalable cost optimisation

As a Microsoft certified partner, we leverage our relationships to ensure you get the best possible pricing for your Microsoft 365 products. Let your M365 scale alongside your business. 

Easy Collaboration

Working in teams is the way most businesses operate. If that’s the case in your business, then you’ll appreciate the collaboration features of Microsfot 365. Everyone who needs to contribute or edit a particular document, spreadsheet, presentation or anything else can work on the same version one user has created and receive real-time changes.

Data loss prevention

Microsoft’s data loss prevention policies allows you to identify, monitor and protect sensitive information from leaving your business – keeping your critical data safe and secure. 

Bespoke IT paid for themselves within days of getting them onboard! I have no time to deal with technical issues and they bring me nothing but anxiety and stress. To know I have a team to always call and immediately help me – takes away alot of pressure! Love knowing I have Bespoke IT on board!


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