Our backup and recovery capabilities are partnered with some of the leading tools and supported by our own dedicated private cloud environments.

Bespoke Technology incorporates managed backups, monitoring and support capabilities to safeguard your business data against failures, natural disasters or global pandemics. Your most important data will be backed up locally on-site as well as remotely within our custom built private cloud.

Our customers get incremental daily and weekly backups. The most important element within a managed backup solution is the ability to restore quickly and effeciently. Our solutions allow us to provide access to your critical data within short time fames to ensure business continuity is kept.

Routine, scheduled maintenance

An essential element of our managed backup services is having scheduled maintenance throughout the agreement. This is to ensure that every aspect related to your backups is working accordingly and to determine all the updates relevant to the objectives of the company.


Our state of the art monitoring tools are the most effective ways to ensure a highly secure backup system. With your data and systems being consistently monitored, we can identify if there will be any upcoming issues or faults in the nearby future. This way we can resolve any issues and implement another solution to ensure that all your managed backups are consistently updated.

Onsite or Private Cloud

Gone are the days where it’s chosen to be one or the other. Our Managed Backup solutions are inclusive of both on-site and remote private cloud backups, giving you peace of mind that your business critical data is kept safe at all times.

Data Integrity

Our tools verify the data against multiple data points to ensure no data is corrupted or changed between backups. This information is also used to assist in preventing customers from crypto-based ransom attacks.

The Bespoke Technology difference

Cost Effective

Don't break the bank. Our solutions are designed to avoid bill shock at the end of the month.

High Availability

Built in redundancy to ensure your services are constantly accessible when you need them.

Quality Networks

Your connectivity is paramount - which is why we only partner with quality network providers.

Business Continuity

Protect yourself against critical failures with our Business Continuity solutions. 

Benefits of Backup and Disaster Recovery

Minimised Business Disruption

Where a typical backup solution might protect your business from a worst-case event – our holistic Backup & Disaster recovery solution will ensure that mission critical systems get back up and running quickly and effeciently. 


Businesses within heavily regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, legal and accounting must meet the every evolving data management regulatory guidelines. Our Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions meet those requirements.

Service and Security

With redundant, secure data stores within our private cloud spread across the country, we ensure the highest standards of data security, no matter your location. Our facilities meet the highest standard of security and care.


Bespoke Technology utilises advanced automation technologies to ensure none of your business critical data is left behind.

We have worked with the Bespoke team since 2018 and have had a great experience with them. They have been of significant benefit in helping our business grow from one employee to over ten. Strongly recommend.

Elliot Watson

Watson Wealth

Quality Managed IT Services