Benefits of Cloud Solutions

“Moving to the cloud” seems to be the most urgent task on organisation priority lists. But why are cloud solutions so beneficial? And how does your business take advantage of the benefits of cloud solutions?


Why are cloud solutions good for business?

Our top 4 reasons:


Cloud solutions grow with your business, allowing you to add or remove access and resources as needed. 


Accessible from anywhere that has internet access, and high-redundancy servers allow for stress-free access.


Leverage high-volume, enterprise-grade security, with constant updates and monitoring.


Consumption-based or user-based subscription fees allow you to manage the expense of your IT infrastructure by only paying for what you use.

How can my business move to the cloud?

Bespoke Technology assists organisations to move their IT to the cloud on a regular basis. With our cloud services we strive to make “The Cloud” make sense for our clients, so they can rest easy that their cloud solutions are taken care of.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud migration is the process of moving a “digital estate” – applications, workloads, data, and more – from one environment to another. Like any move, how that looks for each migration takes a lot of factors into play, and requires ample preparation and work beforehand to ensure a smooth transition. But done correctly, the transition can be seamless, and before you know it, you’re in the cloud.

Before you embark on a cloud migration journey, let us help you create your roadmap. Like any move, the map to where you’re going is the first and most important piece of the puzzle. Bespoke Technology will help you migrate your business to the cloud without missing a single step.

Cloud Platforms

There are dozens of cloud platforms available to assist your business in your goals to be cloud-first. Azure, Amazon and Google are the top 3 cloud platforms, with IBM, VMWare, Oracle, and Alibaba coming up behind.

However, only one is allows you to streamline your licencing with your existing Microsoft 365 licence.


Private and Hybrid Cloud

Not every business will need the same type of cloud computing. There are many models, types, and services to fit the needs of your organisation.

In addition to public cloud with Microsoft, Bespoke Technology provides both private and hybrid cloud solutions for businesses who need them (usually for regulatory reasons). We can discuss your business needs to design a solution that fits your organisation perfectly.

Cloud Governance

The rise in remote and hybrid working over the last 5 years has brought into sharp relief that with we need to have governance in place for how we allow our staff and clients to access data and systems.

A key part in your cyber security strategy, cloud governance ensures that you have systems, processes, and rules in place to keep not only your business, but your staff and clients as well, safe from the nefarious actors that seem to be lurking around every virtual corner of the internet.


Cloud Cost Management

Cloud computing has taken the world by storm for 4 main reasons: scalability, availability, security, and cost-effectiveness. However, if your cloud solutions aren’t being properly monitored, the costs can quickly get out of hand.

We help you manage your cloud expenditure and ensure your costs are predictable and fit within your budget, giving you the cost-effective benefit that you expect.

Business Phone System

Today, business phones need to be flexible and available for users to access, wherever they are. Office-based workers, retail, healthcare and other frontline workers, remote workers – work has changed, the “office” has changed, and our phone needs to change with the times.

Ditch your ageing and restrictive traditional PABX for a scalable, cost-effective and reliable cloud-hosted calling solution.

Unified communications will allow you to leave the frustration and expense of desk-bound phones behind, and let you and your staff focus on your business.


Business Internet

Sometimes it seems like all the internet companies are the same: same plans, same product, same issues. But they’re not.

We work with the best providers to make sure that your business is connected when it needs to be. Let Bespoke Technology fix your business internet.

Bespoke offer expertise and professionalism, along with great communication skills and common sense – a combination I have often found to be rare in IT. They also care about the level of support and service they provide rather than being entirely governed by cost efficiencies, which maintains our loyalty as a customer. They have also offered a holistic/wrap around service across multiple environments that has significantly reduced issues and has made things a lot easier to manage. I highly recommend Bespoke for your business IT needs.

Samantha Haines

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Overwhelmed by “The Cloud”? We can help!

We specialise in cloud services so that you don’t have to. Let’s discuss how we can help you move your business to the cloud, and save your business time and money.