Your devices are an integral part of your business operations. Many disasters have occurred due to a security breach or a loss of a device.

Bespoke Technology provides monitoring, tracking and reporting for all corporate devices. With complete control to manage devices, Bespoke Technology can restrict or disable apps to provide the autonomy to override settings accordingly.

Every step of the way, your systems will be tracked in real-time. Our dashboards keep us up-to-date with all the issues that are occurring or could arise from rogue apps, slow systems or any other mobile device related issues. We keep you updated about how staff utilise your devices and what could be done to increase productivity through mobility.

IT Support Helpdesk

An ideal first point of contact to resolve minor issues, our telephone and email support services mean there is always a line of communication open between your employees and our IT technicians.

Remote IT Support

Our IT specialists resolve minor issues by accessing your network devices (i.e. core infrastructure and workstations) remotely.

Onsite IT Support

Ideal for scheduled maintenance and emergency support, our fast response onsite support service can diagnose and resolve hardware related issues on the spot.

Network Support

All devices Firewalls, Access Points, Routers, Switches, traffic utilisation are monitored by our Network Operations Centre (NOC) team for proper operations.

The Bespoke Technology difference

Cost Effective

Don't break the bank. Our solutions are designed to avoid bill shock at the end of the month.

High Availability

Built in redundancy to ensure your services are constantly accessible when you need them.

Quality Networks

Your connectivity is paramount - which is why we only partner with quality network providers.

Business Continuity

Protect yourself against critical failures with our Business Continuity solutions. 

Benefits of Device Management

Extended Warranties

We offer a range of additional warranty options to fit the needs of support of your business – giving you the ability to extend the lifecycle of your fleet.

Hot Swap Devices

In the event of a device failure, we provide hot swappable devices to ensure your staff can keep working with minimal disruption while their evice gets repaired.

Zero Touch Deployment

Automatic provisioning tools such as Jamf, InTune and AutoPilot, we ensure that your devices come ready to use with your standard Operating Environment and business software.

Zero Waste, Recycling

We believe the earth is a limited resource, so we take every step possible to ensure that all decomissioned devices are recycled as effeciently as possible.

I have been using Bespoke since setting up my business.

Their knowledge and expertise has allowed for growth by adding more and more staff. Knowing that my data is protected by the bespoke crew lets me sleep easy at night!

Martin Moate

Empire Advisors

Quality Managed IT Services