Your office environment needs to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of business technology and working trends to survive and thrive. The modern workplace has streamlined business processes, and flexible working options have greatly improved employee morale.

A study conducted by HP revealed that 72% of workers believe outdated technology harms productivity, and 62% of managers said up-to-date technology would help boost employee engagement. The easier your employees are able to work and collaborate with quick and efficient technology, the more efficient your company will become.

By progressively adapting to modern workplace technologies, businesses have been able to greatly increase productivity and take advantage of the associated advantages.

What is a modern workplace?

The modern workplace is a business set-up that has been designed to meet all the technical, physical, and locational needs of your day-to-day operations.

Employees expect more flexible working situations; they want to be able to work from home, or at a café, in their own time, rather than in an office building five days a week. Flexible working arrangements has improved productivity; a recent survey stated 61% of Australians prefer a hybrid working model – choosing when to come into the office and when to work elsewhere.

The modern workplace provides teams with the necessary means to excel and achieve what they need to do in their day-to-day operations, regardless of location. With cloud-powered technology, for instance, you can move from one method to another without losing critical information and data.

The Microsoft 365 suite is a prime example of adapting technology to suit flexible working situations. Its solutions focus on creating more secure endpoints, to ensure all the business data is protected on all devices being used.

The Microsoft suite also allows for greater collaboration and communication through Microsoft Teams; users can chat in multiple channels, video call multiple team members, and collaborate together on projects instantly through various documents.

Applying productivity tools that enhance the modern workplace experience has many benefits for your business, and can be easily implemented with the help of a managed services provider.

The business benefits of a modern workplace

Modern workplace solutions have been proven to increase employee productivity, which in turn enhances customer satisfaction. These, in turn, boost revenue and profits, which allows you to bring in more potential clients and drive success in your field.

Adopting a modern workplace gives your business effective tools to increase overall productivity and keep your company ahead of the competition.

  1. Employee morale boost

Happy people make for productive employees. Implementing a modern workplace gives a nod to the ever-important work-life balance. Your employees are more comfortable choosing their working environment; this way, when they do come into the office, it’s because they want to. Not only does this improve overall team morale, it allows for genuine bonding between co-workers.

Flexible working arrangements also greatly reduces fatigue. Some of your employees may be commuting over an hour to get to and from work every day. Taking away that travelling time is another important factor in improving your company culture.

  1. Productivity increase

A modern workplace isn’t just about remote working; it’s about creating a modern, digital workplace. People work from PCs, laptops, tablets, and even their mobile phones. Having the ability to access work-related documents and projects from any device boosts the ability to work from anywhere.

A modern technological environment is a key consideration when it comes to modernising your workplace. It also helps to automate workflows – simple, repetitive tasks like adding calendar dates and collating data through modern technology will give your employees more time to focus on the important things.

  1. Enhanced security

Most modern workplaces are hosted on cloud platforms, like Microsoft Azure. The more your workforce is decentralised, the tighter your security needs to be.

Fortunately, technology aimed at serving the modern workplace has taken secure access concerns into consideration. Azure, for example, comes with security created to protect your assets and data with the latest tech at every endpoint.

  1. Cost-effective

Two key desires in all business ventures are to save time and money. Modernising your workplace will drive efficiency and decrease your operating costs.

Modern workplace solutions allow for quicker response times to customers, quicker decision-making, reduced travel, and greater collaboration – all of which lead to increased revenue and profits for your business.

Boost your company value

Creating a modern workplace for your business environment is the way forward; it enables you to keep ahead of the curve, streamline your business processes, and greatly improves your company culture.

The IT experts at Bespoke have modern workplace solutions designed to suit any business model. Contact them today and bring your company into the future.