Working from home business models have skyrocketed over the last few years, and even as offices prepare to re-open and allow their employees back, many are allowing for a hybrid working model due to the safety, satisfaction, and effectiveness remote working has proven.

A recent survey stated that 78% of Australians feel they are more productive when given the option to work from home. Implementing the digital technologies to enhance your employee’s working experience will increase your business productivity and staff loyalty, while retaining that vital company culture.

Of the digital workspaces that have risen to help businesses adapt to remote work, Microsoft has delivered arguably the most secure and efficient.

Microsoft 365 can provide your remote workers with the tools they need to work better together productively and efficiently in a safe, secure digital space. It also helps them stay connected with their team, wherever they are working.

Microsoft’s Modern Workplace

Microsoft 365’s Modern Workplace was developed with remote working at its core. Users can work from any location with any device, and still access all the tools, apps, and data they need to collaborate and communicate with co-workers and clients smoothly and efficiently.

With the modern workspace, users can collaborate on documents in real-time, video and voice chat, share screens, and access all the Microsoft apps needed for any business’ work – from Word and PowerPoint, to Azure and SharePoint.

The software suites are secure and scalable to accommodate the changes in how people will be working. Now, businesses have peace of mind that their essential IT assets are accessible at all times, from any location.

Effective collaboration and communication

Microsoft 365 apps like Teams and OneDrive allow remote workers to collaborate and communicate from any location. The apps enable co-workers to work in the same space, share files, and chat.

Microsoft Teams in particular enhances collaboration. It operates as an online, chat-based workspace for teams and can be used to collaborate and communicate on documents, or share ideas in conversation without having to leave the app.

Enhanced security for any location

Microsoft’s unified endpoint management is a software solution that enables IT administrators to manage and secure devices from various vendors. The software was designed in a way that it can be used by both Windows and non-Windows devices.

It ensures all the endpoints are protected from malware, data theft, and unauthorised access.

M365 also includes the Azure Active Directory Premium service, which is designed specifically for organisations with remote employees. With this service, IT administrators can easily manage user accounts and devices remotely while still maintaining control over the company’s resources.

Secure and reliable data storage

The Microsoft 365 storage provides two options for data storage: OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. Both come with built-in security features to enhance the safety of your data, and the reliability of its storage

Features to protect your data:

  • data encryption
  • mobile device management (MDM)
  • multi-factor authentication
  • location awareness
  • data recovery
  • data loss prevention policy

Better experience for remote workers

Remote working situations can make workers feel isolated and distanced from both company culture and their co-workers. Microsoft’s employee-focused apps and tools were developed with the aim of promoting engagement and enhancing well-being in the digital workspace.

This helps employees work in a more productive and efficient manner, and also boosts company culture from remote locations. Businesses are able to better connect with and support their remote working teams by implementing the Microsoft 365 suite that supports an interactive, connected remote working experience.

Greater remote working scalability

Microsoft 365 is designed to be scalable to meet the needs of any business. With the right applications and tools in place, employees can work remotely without sacrificing productivity or security.

The M365 suite was designed for self-service, which promotes user independence, requires less IT assistance, and is cost-effective. In a recent survey, 84.1% of respondents said giving their employees self-service functionality in Microsoft 365 saved their in-house IT departments time and money.

Get help from the M365 experts

In this digital age, keeping up with the latest technological features that allow your employees to work in the best way is imperative.

Microsoft’s modern workplace provides a solid foundation for your business with digital collaboration tools and enhanced support options.

The Microsoft 365 specialists at Bespoke can help you on your journey to creating a digital remote workspace for your business that keeps your employees connected and your data secure. Their consultants will aim to understand your business from the inside out to build a remote working model to your exact needs.

Talk to them today and discover a better remote working experience with Microsoft 365.